Product & Diamond FAQ

1Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?
  • Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds with the same carbon structure and chemical composition. A 'Lab Diamond' is exactly like a Natural Diamond, except instead of mining from the Earth, they are grown in a lab.
  • They sparkle the same, have the same types of colours and clarity, and can come in the same sizes and shapes. In fact, they offer excellent value and are more affordable than natural ones of comparable quality and size.
2Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

Two important reasons to choose a lab diamond are origin & value. Rest assured that your diamond did not result in the funding of conflict in a war-torn country, nor did it require leaving a mile-wide hole in the ground. Also objectively, diamonds grown above the Earth are purer than "dirt diamonds", blasted out of the Earth with dynamite and diesel. Compared to diamonds grown in the chaos under the Earth, diamonds grown by mankind have fewer defects and less strain in the crystal structure.

  • Quite simply, the purer the diamond, the better, brighter, and whiter the gemstone.
  • Most of HOQs white lab diamonds receive the highest purity rating of Type IIa whereas less than 2% of mined diamonds receive the coveted IIa purity rating.
3What are the 4Cs of lab diamonds?
  • Lab diamonds receive grading reports from independent gemological organizations on the 4Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Just like in mined diamonds, lab diamonds will exhibit variations across the 4Cs and range from poor to superlative quality. Not all lab diamonds are perfect, colourless, and flawless!
4Why are there many doubts about lab-grown diamonds?
  • The simple answer is that the mined diamond industry, from the industrial miners all the way to retailers, fear the coming disruption of laboratory-grown diamonds.
  • The oligopoly of diamond mining creates artificial scarcity and continues to stymie the growth of this new-age diamond. Part of that effort involves spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt about lab diamonds.
5Why are lab-grown diamonds less expensive than natural diamonds?
  • Lab-grown diamonds are created using advanced technology whereas natural diamonds are mined from under the surface of the earth. Lab diamonds do not incur the expense of mining,
    transportation and artificially created scarcity and hence are free from the high mark-ups. Literally diamonds
    that don’t cost the earth.
6Is your jewellery certified?
  • We only offer G+ VVS-VS stones, and our 1ct+ lab diamonds are IGI/GIA certified. The gold is 18K and BIS is Hallmarked. You always know you’re getting the best.
7IGI Explains what are lab-grown diamonds.
8How can I trust diamonds online?
  • We know that selling diamond jewellery begins with trust. The founding team has significant experience in diamond jewellery mfg. for several years. Our customer reviews will also validate our attention to detail. Moreover, we're just a WhatsApp message or phone call away from answering all your queries. Ping Us!